CPM Short and an online sweepstakes platform, where users can participate daily in pre-defined sweepstakes by site administrators.

  • All raffles are free;
  • It is only necessary that the user enter a valid e-mail to participate in the sweepstakes;
  • We do not collect any kind of user registration;
  • Rules may change without notice;
  • All prizes are paid in the BITCOIN virtual currency; A post is posted on the website and on the official FACEBOOK page on the details of the transfer of value in BITCOIN;
  • Winner email is not disclosed to preserve the data of the same;
  • At the end of the draw, an audit of the participant list to avoid fraud, spam, hacking, and outrunning;
  • The draw is electronic and we have no influence on the result;
  • For each draw and set the value and number of times the same email can participate;
  • All communication with the winner is made through the informed email;
  • In case the winner reports an invalid e-mail, it is communicated to the users and the draw is carried out again;
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